“I gained 50 pounds while I was pregnant…”

I gained 50 pounds while I was pregnant. The first 30 came off relatively easily, but the last 20 were more difficult. I struggled for more than a year on my own, making little progress.

Then came the low blow last year. I was having a conversation with someone about my daughter. They said, “How old is she?” and I said, “Three.” “Three months?” they replied. “No, three years,” I said. “Oh.” Ouch.

Right then and there, I’d had enough. I walked into the manager’s office and said, “I want to hire a personal trainer—I want someone tough with a lot of experience.” Andy was one of two choices they gave me.

I did a workout with him to try it out and I was hooked. I love the fact that he’s always giving me new challenges, it’s never the same workout twice, and he’s an incredibly positive motivator.

He pushes me past my comfort zone, but in a good way, and is always willing to take feedback. (And ladies, here’s a tip just for you—Andy is a great sparring partner when it comes to boxing. It will get you ripped and lean FAST, and every woman should know how to throw a punch. Don’t be intimidated!). I also made some changes to my eating habits; nothing major, because who wants to be on a diet their whole life?! I like to eat!

If I can do it with a full-time job, a marriage, and a three year old, you can, too. Nothing changes if nothing changes

-Michelle Tanzola


I have been working in the fitness industry for well over 10 years. I received my masters degree in exercise science from Texas State University and have accumulated various specialization certifications along the way. I specialize in Weight Loss Transformation and a scaled HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach. To learn more about me, click here.

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