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  • What is 1-On-1 Training?

    We work with you personally, 1-on-1, to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

    I’ve been a trainer for 25 years and Andy is one one of the best in the business! -Rick M.

    With 1-on-1 training, we give you the tools to succeed. We help you out every step of the way and meet regularly to track your progress. Everything in this program is tailored to your specific nutritional and fitness needs.

    The main objective with my program approach is to help you develop an understanding of how to utilize every second of your workout efficiently.

    Step #1 (Goal Setting and Baseline Metrics)

    My programs start with gathering the necessary data through questionnaires and body composition metrics to establish your baseline numbers. I also include fitness testing (i.e. Conditioning test, Strength Test, etc.) and movement screenings (Overhead Squat Test , Shoulder mobility test, etc) for the clients that want to get a bit more in depth with their results.

    Step #2 (Establish Nutrition Goals)

    For my program to make its biggest impact we have to set the expectations on the nutritional aspect of the process. This will be the most crucial component on the program because it sets the foundation of your results and fitness goals overall. I like to utilize the 80/20 rule with my clients in setting the standard for long-term health goals. My program is based on a longitudinal approach and not a short-term fix.

    Step #3 (4 week Launch Program)

    My 4 week launch program will establish the path to reaching our goals in a time efficient manner. We will be able to gauge your level of fitness along with finding any problems that may hinder your journey. This 4 week program will allow me to adjust your workouts to fit your specific needs. This program can be adjusted to all fitness levels.

    Step #4 (Workout Program)

    The next step in the process is putting in the necessary work to reach and achieve your fitness goals. This will take certain expectations from you and an effort from me to provide you with the workouts to get there. Workouts are based on daily challenges to keep you engaged and motivated. Fitness markers (i.e. weight, bodyfat, conditioning tests) are re-tested monthly to track results.

    Step #5 (Integrate)

    The maintenance part of the equation is considered to be the easiest. However, it can be a slippery slope if you do not adhere to the responsibilities of integrating the positive habits you have absorbed. At this point in the process we have met our fitness goals and look to construct a long-term plan to keep you on track and in control of your health.

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