“Andy has pushed me to levels I never thought I could achieve…”

Since Starting my workouts with Andy in February of 2017 I have noticed my confidence skyrocket in the gym and in my personal life. Andy has pushed me to levels I never thought I could achieve physically.

Before starting my training I thought running a mile was impossible. I was never a runner so figured I just would not have the ability. I was SO wrong!

I am so confident in running that I am getting ready to enter some races throughout the year.

Andy really made a point of working with me on my nutrition habits. I am so much more knowledgeable about macronutrients and overall healthy nutrition. I have dropped 2% body fat since starting my program and have seen so much more definition than before.

I love how Andy offers variety during each workout and finds ways to push me to my limits in a safe and effective manner. This is why I look forward to our workouts each and every week.

-Zoe Garrison