“Andy’s workouts are fun and engaging…”

I exercised regularly before, and I had done two half-marathons in recent years (without stopping!), but I didn’t feel strong because I was only doing cardio activity. This meant there were things I really couldn’t do.

For example, last year, I traveled to Italy. The home we stayed in had these wonderful windows we opened each night to circulate air. But I couldn’t open them. My older sister had to open them for us.

I knew then that something had to change. And I was overweight and worried about osteoporosis. After one year of working with Andy there are no more windows standing in my way.

I feel like I can do anything I want to do. I am physically ready to take any trip, run any race, hike any trail, and really over.

Aside of the noticeable strength gains we have reached some impressive metrics as well. This year, I’ve lost 31 pounds thanks in part to Andy’s support. And next year, I get my bone mass tested again, and I know my doctor will be proud of the changes I’ve made.

Andy’s workouts are fun and engaging but best of all the are tailored to your specific needs. I also love that they are always different.

He always checks in with me at the beginning to see how I feel, and he can make adjustments immediately to reflect or resolve any soreness, injury, or limitation I may have at the time. I also love the coaching and encouragement whenever we are doing something challenging, such as cardio bursts.

Andy is a pro, but he’s also got a sense of humor and empathy I don’t see in some other trainers. I admire his philosophy about balance. No matter how I feel walking in, I always feel happy when I walk out.

Thank you, Andy, for your support and coaching!

-Dannah de la Garrigue