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Not enough time to fit a workout in your schedule?

3 Tips on Getting in a Calorie Torching Workout in a Time Crunch!

It should come as no surprise that our lives are being taken over by tasks that devour our time leaving us with little opportunites to focus on ourselves.

Fitness should be firmly fixed in your weekly routines like your morning cup of joe. As a fitness professional, I expect everyone to try and make time for their well-being through exercise. But the cold reality is that keeping fitness consistent in your weekly routine is very challenging. However, with today’s knowledge of how the human body responds to certain exercise approaches, workouts no longer have to eat up hours in your day. Thanks to the amazing organism (human body) we live in, there are ways to maximize your time and workouts through some nifty strategies I would like to share with you.


HIIT your Workouts Hard!!

HIIT Training


High Intensity Interval Training is a convenient, time-efficient, and fast-paced style of training that is sure to deliver results in one form or another. While you typically use lighter weights and cardio equipment for your workouts, some of the best HIIT circuits require no equipment.  HIIT workouts are based on intense periods of work followed by structured rest periods.  If you aren’t dripping with sweat after your workout, you may have stretched your rest periods. The secret to a Kick A$$ HIIT workout is staying true to those structured rest periods. Another often overlooked benefit from these scorching workouts is the growth hormone response. You can actually enhance production of the (HGH) hormone through HIIT style workouts. This will translate into more natural energy and faster muscle recovery from workouts. It is hard to dispute a workout routine that can possibly slow down the aging process.  If you are looking for a convenient, time-friendly workout, HIIT may be a great option for you.


Fit in heavy hitters !!

Swiftfit heavy lifts


Target your larger muscles with precision and hustle. If you want to build lean muscle while melting fat off your body this approach may peak your interest. It’s common for those that don’t want to compromise their mass gains to shy away from shorter workouts. Believe it or not you can still attain size and keep your bodyfat in check targeting muscles like your back and legs more often. Working larger muscle groups properly can stimulate a boost in your bodies HGH production. This is one of the big reasons you can benefit so much from this approach. Back, Leg and Chest centric workouts are typically going to yield the biggest growth hormone response. You want to consider using weight that will push the working muscles to near failure. Use weight that would push you from 5-8 reps, keep your rest in the 60-90 second range and aim to work in  4 sets. Working in compound exercises while dialing into your rest periods will further boost fat burning effects. In my opinion, there is no perfect number of exercises per workout. I would say work in as many exercises as you can with blitzing effort and emphasis on form. If you are running short on time for a full workout just remember to hit those lats and legs, your body will thank you.



Power in for the Win!!

Swiftfit Kettlebell


Power movements are my go-to approach when I am short on time and looking for a well-rounded butt-kicking. Power Cleans, Kettlebell Swings, and those notorious Burpees are all good examples of power movements. Any exercise that includes a burst of speed while moving weight could fall into this category. There are varying levels of skill with power-based exercises, with some being less technical than others. If you are not comfortable with weighted power exercises just strip the weight and focus on the bodyweight variety of power exercises. Their are a many creative ways you can integrate more power into your routine. One of my simple methods is just tacking on a power exercise to the back end of a circuit.  Power exercises are a bit more technical than meets the eye, so the quality over quantity principle will fit well here. Sets that focus on 5-10 reps should be challenging if you are stressing good technique. If you are not sure you are performing the movement correctly don’t waste your time and hire a fitness professional that has experience to help you better these skills. After all it would not be fun to catch you blasting out your back or knees in the latest edition of #gym fails. While I admit that I am biased towards power-centric workouts, I can vouch for the punch it packs in such a short period of time.


Fitness should be a part of your weekly routine, so take the time to sit down and strategize where you can fit in your HIIT or a Power workout next week. After all, who doesn’t have 30 -45 min at least 3x a week to spare?








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